8. Apr, 2022

for use in FHD

ahoy, no one. or someone. I unno.
welp, the picture is called:
Und Tut-Ankh-Amûn sprach: "Niemand hat die Absicht eine Pyramide zu bauen!"

life's a bitch. pregabalin is ... hm. a prescription drug.
so was thalidomide. hm.
aspirin is just a drug, no prescription needed.
and mind you, I'm using the word "drug" in the broadest sense here, I mean everything taken to ease symptoms or even cure the disease it is intended to work on, no matter where it came from, a plant, a green one, or a plant, a chemical one.
plant or plant, that seems to be the question.
green or synthetic?
where does the synthesis begin, I mean, what is the difference between green synthesis, photosynthesis for example, and synthesis in labs?
hrm. mind jumping.
now I'm blank. phew. that means no more jumping around through topics. AND, most importantly, I can finally call it a night ...
maybe in night city ...?